As the 60s slouch into the 70s, will an idealistic psychotherapist, armed with the new humanist thinking, be able to save a group of young people whose lives have been altered by an epidemic -- the wholesale shift to PCP, street name Angel Dust, as the counterculture drug of choice?
I first met director, Howard Woolf, my freshman year in his Filmmaking I course. He was my professor and also happened to be my advisor. But what I didn't know is that he would one day become my collaborator.
Professor Woolf could spend hours talking to you about film theory and techniques, but more importantly, he could actually put his knowledge into practice on his very own sets. As early as my first month at college, Howard invited me to PA on a short film he was directing, "Letting Daniel Go." Watching Howard actually DO what he was preaching was inspiring. From then on, I never passed up an opportunity to be in his classroom or on his set. 
My sophomore year, we worked closely, as I TA'd both his filmmaking courses. He connected me with a senior project, Take Two (2018), which I DP'd during the fall, and he introduced me to Professor Khary Jones, who mentored me through the production of A Dolt's Life (2018).
At the end of my sophomore year, Howard pulled me aside to tell me about a film he had finished shooting the previous summer -- Dust. He needed an editor. Excited by my recent editing experience with A Dolt's Life (2018), I quickly hopped onboard as the editor for Howard's new 45 minute narrative mid-form film. Through months of feedback and cutting, Dust started to come together, and my passion for editing only grew. Today, Dust (2019) has been completed and will be doing a festival run next year.

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