An immigrant restaurant worker, Tomás, shares his plan to transport his family
across the border with a wealthy college student, Jonah, yet the plan is complicated
by Tomás’ drug-addicted and abusive roommate, Julio.

Spending my summers away from college working as a line cook in various local
restaurant kitchens, I became very familiar with my privilege both as a white U.S.
citizen and a temporary worker with nothing but disposable income from my efforts.

Armed with stories from restaurant co-workers, personal experiences working on
the line, and a background in filmmaking from my studies at college, I teamed up
with my classmate and good friend, Jacquie Bonnet (producer), born and raised in
San Juan, Puerto Rico. Together, we began developing “Rinse & Repeat.”

First and foremost, we wanted to tell a story that humanizes immigrants and
their families. We decided it would be most effective to direct R&R from Tomás’
perspective, allowing our audience to walk in his shoes for 15 minutes.

With the support of our backers and fellow student filmmakers, R&R was written,
shot, and edited my senior year of college as a part of my thesis. This entirely
student-made short film is the work I’m most proud of so far. I hope you enjoy
watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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