In this ten episode web-series, Eva meets Bennet during her freshman orientation, and the two forge an instant connection. Though they are clearly attracted to one other, their relationship hovers between friends and something-more as they orbit each other for the next four years.
Year One
Eva begins her freshman year at the University of Boston, where Bennet is a sophomore. Whether it is fate or lucky timing that knock them into each other, they quickly realize this other person might mean more to them than a passing encounter. Eva and Bennet navigate the boundaries of their TA-student relationship when someone from Bennet's past returns. Meanwhile, there's a Holiday Concert. As the Spring Fling Dance approaches and flowers start blooming Bennet realizes he needs to rekindle his relationship with Eva.
A new year brings new challenges for Eva and Bennet, as well as a new face or two. As Bennet prepares to go abroad Eva realizes friendships need more than proximity to survive. Next, it's Valentine's Day at the University of Boston! As Eva and Amy prepare to celebrate with their boyfriends a school tuition raise is announced, shaking both women in different ways. As the school year wraps up Eva and Sebastian face their first challenge as a couple -- how do they deal with the impending summer break? Sebastian's insecurities and Eva's lingering feelings for Bennet threaten to ruin their relationship before it has time to truly grow.
Bennet returns to campus at the start of the fall semester, which quickly proves to be an issue for Sebastian, and his relationship with Eva in turn. September also brings Alex's birthday and a party which guides couples closer and apart. Bennet's nose is broken, but he has worse problems to deal with when he gets an urgent call from one of his bandmates home in California. Meanwhile, Eva and Bennet aren't speaking. Bennet's about to graduate and move home to California. In Take Two's penultimate episode, Eva and Bennet certainly crash - but will they burn?​​​​​​​
It all ends here, four years later and in the final days of Eva's time at the University of Boston. Find out what will happen to Eva, Bennet, and the rest of the gang as they go their separate ways.
Just a few years ago, I was a scared freshman looking for a way into the film community at Tufts. Luckily, I had the most amazing TA's in my Filmmaking I course who were all happy to lend a helping hand. One of them, Phoebe Cavise, graciously invited me to DP her senior project Take Two, which she would go on to direct the following year. 
Honored at first, and humbled by the end, I along with the amazing student crew went to set each and every weekend fall semester 2017 to produce the now ten episodes you see here. 
Phoebe's discipline, dedication, and creative vision are qualities I look up to and strive for even today in my own projects. It was during Take Two that I met gaffer, Chris Markus, who became a close friend and collaborator on all my projects thereafter. I also became close with lead actress Jacquie Bonnet, who produced my thesis film, Rinse & Repeat (2020) a year later. I am forever grateful for this cast & crew who opened my eyes to the amazing world of indie filmmaking.

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