In this three episode web-series, recent college grad, Josh, moves in with his best friend from high-school, Sam. From dinner parties to car accidents to girlfriends, together they attempt to navigate the adults world.
"Dinner Party"
Recent college graduate, Josh, moves out of his parents' house and in with his best friend from high-school, Sam. Sam decides to throw a dinner party to welcome Josh to the adult world. While shopping at the farmer's market, Sam spots his ex-girlfriend, Sydney, and runs back to the car. Josh, on the other hand, is intrigued by Sydney and introduces himself. Convinced that a dinner party is at least three people, Josh invites Sydney to dinner without telling Sam. However, Josh gets hurt when Sydney reveals she only came to dinner to fulfill her nasty habit of locking Sam in industrial freezers. After Sydney leaves, the new housemates bond over their horribly undercooked fish dinner.

"Hit 'n Run"
While arguing with Sam over the phone, distracted Josh gets into a hit and run. Josh takes it upon himself to solve the crime, convinced it was the government. Meanwhile, tensions rise between Sam and Josh when Sam refuses to wait for Josh to watch Ozark together. To his disgust, Josh discovers that Sam was the one who hit him with his car and hires a lawyer, Danielle Lieberman, to negotiate their settlement. During the deposition, Sam agrees to wait to watch Ozark in return for Josh's forgiveness. Josh decides to walk to Costco while Sam drives home. This time, distracted by his favorite song, Sam hits Josh and flees the scene once more. Josh blames the government.​​​​​​​
"Valentine's Day"
As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, Sam and Josh struggle to think of good gifts for their girlfriends. When Sam decides to set up a romantic scavenger hunt for his girlfriend, Violet, Josh accidentally finds the first clue. As Sam waits in the bathtub for Violet to find him, he grows increasingly impatient. While Josh enjoys what he believes to be Andrea's scavenger hunt, Andrea and Violet become increasingly confused and frustrated as to why neither of the boys has contacted them. Just as Josh wraps up the scavenger hunt, Andrea and Violet decide to check on their boyfriends. The four of them meet in Sam's bathroom for one final awkward encounter.
Personal note
"A Dolt's Life" was a part of an Advanced Filmmaking course I took at Tufts my sophomore year under the instruction of Professor Khary Jones. With the option to delve deep into a specific aspect of production in this particular course, I decided to focus on shooting and editing.
Luckily, two of my good friends Darren & Eli had been working on writing a comedy TV-show, inspired by favorites like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and "Man Seeking Woman." Together, the three of us adapted the TV-show into a three episode web-series, which we produced in a single spring semester.
Coming off of DP'ing a web-series (Take Two) the semester prior, I felt comfortable shooting "A Dolt's Life," which would require mostly the basics. Editing ADL, on the other hand, ended up being one of the most challenging yet exciting tasks as a filmmaker to date. Editing comedy was not as easy as I had thought. Professor Jones and I certainly didn't quit after one or two cuts, but I rarely found myself discouraged. Rather, I found myself engrossed in perfecting the comedic rhythm of each scene, a process I enjoyed just as much as the final episodes.
Cinematography, what had at one point felt like my only passion in film, was quickly being overshadowed by my love for editing. Cutting ADL and winning Best Editing in 2019 for Maverick Movie Awards only got me more excited about my next editing opportunity. And that opportunity eventually came with Dust (2019), which you can learn more about on my projects page!

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