Ana, a house­keep­er from El Sal­vador, brings her teenage son Nico to help her clean an afflu­ent family’s Los Ange­les home. But after some­one rings the front gate, her employ­ers, Mar­i­anne and Peter Bar­ris, inform them that immi­gra­tion offi­cers are search­ing for them and con­vince the pair to hide in a base­ment clos­et, demand­ing they hand over their cell phones as a safe­ty pre­cau­tion. As days go by under the same roof, each fam­i­ly begins to ques­tion the other’s true intentions.
Director : Augustus Meleo Bernstein
Executive Producers : Rodrigo García, Armyan Bernstein, Bob BerneyColleen Camp
Producers : Jhanvi Motla, Paulo Torres, Augustus Meleo Bernstein
Director of Photography : Alan Torres
Composer : Julia Newman
Production Company : Beacon Pictures, Picturehouse, Five Towers
Runtime : 1h 37m