Recently widowed, Nitya Mehra leaves Mumbai to work at a motel owned by her distant cousin in the California desert. Within days of her arrival she learns that the motel’s survival depends on sinister outside forces and her willingness to preserve this second chance at life is put to the test.
Starring : Shavya SamalaAbhimanyu KatyalJozef FaheyBehzad DabuShashikant Panat
Writer & Director : Jhanvi Motla
Executive Producer: Paulo Torres
Producers : Aliza Khan, Sonali Sundararaj
Director of Photography : Alan Torres
Composer : Gaayatri Kaundinya​​​​​​​
Production Company : Begani Films, Five Towers
Sponsors : NALIP, Netflix
Runtime : 16m​​​​​​​